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Flying with the Angels

A young woman is forced to make difficult choices in this tender, heart-warming saga of North London life, set in the aftermath of WWII

London, 1947. For the Angel family, it seems as if their prospects are as bleak as the bitterly cold winter. Their only ray of sunshine is Lizzie. Tirelessly, she brings comfort and warmth to those around her, whether it’s her dad struggling to support the family on a fish-gutter’s wages or her sweetheart Rob Thompson, traumatised by the horrors of war.

But Lizzie faces an impossible decision. Rob is convinced that the only way he’ll ever put the war behind him is to start a new life in Australia – and he wants Lizzie to come with him. Victor Pemberton warmly recreates the London of his youth and a wonderful cast of characters who will live on with you long after the book.

"1982. Toowoomba was a long way from Islington. Nobody was more constantly aware of that than Lizzie. Although she loved her adopted home, she so often felt a yearning for the old country on the other side of the world, and especially for the family she had left behind such a long time ago. Oh, how she loved Rob. He was probably the kindest person she had ever known in her entire life, and she was the luckiest woman alive to be married to him. And she loved her kids too – though they were no longer kids but young adults who had drifted off and done well for themselves. But deep down inside, Lizzie was still very much an Angel – one of the much-loved family. She always had been, and always would be."
‘Peopled with strong, sincere and appealing characters.’ Coventry Evening Telegraph
‘Entertaining and readable...a welcome addition to the genre.’ Historical Novels Review
‘A real treat.’ Peterborough Evening Telegraph, May 2003