My Books

My Books

In 1990, Headline Book Publications invited me to do a novelisation of my BBC Drama radio series, 'OUR FAMILY'. This was a saga, spanning the years 1917 to 1980, and based almost entirely on my own family history. I called it a love story, for that is what it was, an extraordinary union between two people from different class structures, who remained devoted to each other for nearly sixty years of married life. As on radio, the novel was well-received, prompting a huge public response, and Headline asked me to continue with more novels, which I have continued to set in and around the area in which I was born, in North London.

To date, I have written fifteen novels and the latest is entitled:


“Victor Pemberton is what in today’s jargon might be called the multi-media author: he has written radio plays, written for television, and written novels. But whatever the media, Victor brings good old-fashioned professional writing values to it. ‘A writer is a writer,’ he says. ‘You just have to adapt, to use your imagination, and to move on.”.

Writing Magazine. August-September 1997