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We'll Sing at Dawn

Can we come home yet, Mum?

It’s 1939 when Hannah and Louie Adams wave a tearful goodbye to their mother in North London and leave for the safety of the countryside. All too soon, however, the evacuees discover that life with their new guardians will be far from idyllic. When the homesick Louie is sent to another family, Hannah is devastated. And even her blossoming friendship with local lad Sam Beedle can’t make up for the cruelty she suffers behind closed doors.

Hannah decides there is only one way out – she must walk back to her mother in Blitz–torn Islington. Thirty–six hours later, cold, weary and frightened, she arrives home to a shocking sight. Now Hannah must fight not only to survive the war, but also to stop a dangerous secret from destroying her family…

"Outside, all hell had broken loose in the sky above, and so, with the dark constantly being fractured by the incessant bursts of shell fire, she picked her way to what looked like the entrance to the steel hut, which seemed to be set slightly below ground level. She slowly went down the concrete steps that had been erected there, and immediately saw a thick chink of light coming from behind a blackout curtain draped across the entrance. She waited a moment, listening at the curtain, but there seemed to be no sound coming from down below, so with one swift movement she pulled back the drape. To her horror, in the dim light of a paraffin lamp, Hannah saw ... "
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