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Our Rose

A charming Cockney saga with a strong and loveable heroine, facing hard times with typical London spirit and humour

The second of six children born in the tiny flat above Mr Popov’s Islington piano factory, Rose Humble is used to holding her own in the world. But as war begins to cast its shadow over her family, Rose realises there are some problems a quick wit and a ready tongue cannot solve. And as she grows older she also comes to see there are people who are not all they seem.

Like her own sister, Queenie, and the charming young man Rosie believes to be the love of her life. Though Rose cannot forget how those she trusted hurt her, her disappointments are put into context when the bombing starts in earnest and, as an ambulancewoman, she witnesses suffering she never dreamed she’d see on the streets of London. Then she meets a young firefighter who forces her to re-think her world once more…

"Rose left the hospital in a daze. In her mind, she couldn’t quite piece together all the horror that had taken place during the past few hours. She found it hard to believe that at this same time the previous morning, the sun was shining in a cloudless blue sky just as it was now, and she was still lying in that great double bed that she had shared with Queenie and the twins. More important, her mum was full of life, making the tea and preparing the bread and marge for the family before they all went off to do their different jobs for the day. And Uncle Popov – dear, wonderful old Uncle Popov, playing his rosewood upright for prospective customers, and just waiting for closing time so that he could sit down to another meal with his family, the family he had adopted, and who had embraced him with all their heart. But not any more. Never again. That part of Rose’s life had gone forever, and nothing could ever be the same again."
‘So well written you could be there. This has to be the best book I have ever bought. Like all Victor Pemberton books it is set in North London during WW2. It is well crafted. You care so much about Rose and her brother and sisters, you are there in the van with her as she is driving in the Blitz, it is that well-written. If you have never bought a Victor Pemberton book MAKE THIS YOUR FIRST.’ A reader reviewing on Amazon from Malmesbury, UK, 14 November 2003
‘If you like homespun yarns of love and heroism in the face of adversity, you are in for a real treat’ Peterborough Evening Telegraph
‘Our Rose is the vivid story of a community surviving some of the darkest days in our history‚Ķ’ Bolton Evening News, 7 January 1995