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My Sister Sarah

A moving north London saga which sees sisters at war united by love…

Sarah and Beattie Melford have never understood each other. Beattie, raucous and fun-loving, sees her sister Sarah’s quiet reserve as snobbery, and Sarah cannot understand why Beattie appears to upset their parents’ comfortable Islington household at every opportunity.

When Sarah discovers her younger sister’s spiteful affair with the naval officer she’d hoped to marry, she is devastated, whilst the defiant Beattie’s reputation lies in tatters. As London recovers from the trauma of the Great War the girls are forced into very different lives. But, through the child they both love, it seems there might be a chance that the tragedy that drove them apart might one day compel their paths to cross again…

"Sarah stopped what she was doing and looked at her young sister. In that brief moment, she thought she really didn’t know her any more. Images of all their days of growing up together were flashing through her mind; their time at Barnsbury School just around the corner; sharing friends; outings to the seaside; the laughter, the tears, the disappointments. And yet, when she thought about those days carefully, she realised that even though she had always been Beattie’s ‘big’ sister, they had never been close, and Beattie had never looked up to her. There were so many more memories of difficult times in their relationship than good ones. Why were their personalities so different in every conceivable way?"
‘This book is ripe for an appearance as a BBC Sunday serial’ Jersey Evening Post
‘The lump-in-the-throat ending will have sentimental readers in tears…’ Bristol Evening Post, 4 December 1999
‘Warm and entertaining…brimming with the atmosphere of wartime London.’ Coventry Evening Telegraph, December 1999
‘It may seem like an exaggeration, but this is honestly the best book I’ve ever read. Its understandable language and not-so-complicated plot make it ideal for most readers….A truly remarkable, heart-touching story. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!’ An Amazon online reader from London, England, June 2 2001