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We'll Sing at Dawn

To a wounded soldier a young nurse brings hope for the future

It’s the second year of the Great War, and the carnage in the battlefields of France is relentless. Eighteen-year-old Rosie Little has joined Queen Alexandra’s nursing service and works at Charing Cross Station, helping the injured and shell-shocked troops returning from the Front. The tired soldiers arriving on the platform adore Rosie’s kind, welcoming face and cheerful demeanour as she serves them cups of tea, and they inevitably nickname her ‘Rosie Lee’. Private Joe Upton, invalided out of the army after surviving a gas attack, is one such weary soldier and is instantly captivated by the lovely Rosie.

The couple fall passionately in love and, although they are too young to get married, decide to live together as man and wife. Risking scandal and their parents’ outrage, they set up home in an abandoned railway carriage and, despite having very little money, find comfort and happiness with each other. But all too soon family conflicts drive a wedge between them, and their future together looks uncertain. And, at a time when no one seems able to escape the tragedy of war, Rosie and Joe are about to face their toughest test…

"A tremendous explosion rocked the station from the first bomb dropped by the giant airship. By now there was white hot shrapnel raining down on the railway track from the massive barrage of guns lined up against the Zeppelin and it's two protective aircraft. By this time, however, most of the crowd had cleared the platform, thanks in part to Rosie getting a lot of them organised in an orderly way, and also to the discipline of both the station staff and the military. But with the deadly sound of the Zeppelin's engines whirring almost directly above them from its gondola suspended beneath the giant silver frame, a tragic catastrophe was in the making as two young injured soldiers suddenly leaped off the train on to the platform, and made a dash for it... "
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